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UPS Follow My Delivery is not available on your app because your delivery package has not reached UPS’ last warehouse for sorting. UPS shows this feature only after the parcel has been received by their distribution staff.

Not being able to see your “Follow My Delivery” option? Don’t worry, just read through this article and follow our easy instructions!

UPS app gives its premium users the facility to live track their package. The position is updated every two to three minutes as the delivery goes to its destination. Users get notifications when new items arrive and can place holds on those shipments until they are ready to be released.

However, a number of UPS clients are encountering difficulty with this service. They appear to not be able to utilize this choice much alone maintain a watch on their products.

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Why Is UPS Follow My Delivery Not Available

UPS Follow My Delivery is not available because the parcels have not reached their final sorting facility, there could be issues with the barcode, or there is an issue with the transportation services.

This is to stay on top of their deliveries and experience the convenience of UPS services straight from their own homes.

However, the live map only begins operating after the delivery vehicle leaves the loading area. It then displays both the package’s eventual destination and its present position.

We realize that you are anxious to discover the actual causes behind this, but it is very tough to express the definite cause.

There might be different circumstances causing an issue for it not displaying on the app screens but we will guide you through them one by one.

Reason 1: Parcel has not reached their warehouse

UPS will not begin presenting its live tracking choices to its My Choice customers in case of a few reasons.

if the package has not yet reached UPS’s final warehouse for internal sorting by drivers. It could also be that it’s not been picked up by the carrier for delivery.

Customers will have to wait this time out and can only tap in when the deliveries start going out. Guys, please be patient.

There should be no more than a 5-6 hour delay.

Reason 2: Parcel not scanned

The biggest cause for this is might be when the staff working at the UPS office neglect to scan the item.

You probably already know that scanning is a crucial element of the whole delivery process.

As a result, the tracking system’s ability to begin its work will be hampered if there is any difficulty scanning your package.

UPS normally waits for roughly 14 hours, following which it sends a notice to the clients or business enterprises. Most of the time, the package is traveling in the proper direction, and the users should wait for 24 hours before taking any measures.

Reason 3: Unpredictable weather changes

This may also be due to unanticipated weather changes like severe rains, hailstorms, or thunderstorms.

This can understandably have a significant influence on the delivery and scanning operation which will eventually be influencing the live tracking system to not start appearing on your app.

Reason 4: Faulty transportation

Another potential explanation might be the difficulty with the delivery truck engaged in conveying the packages. Delays in delivery and scanning might be caused by mechanical failure, puncture, or taking the incorrect route.

Customers may get concerned if the driver is unable to keep them updated on the status of their delivery.

Reason 5: Problem with the barcode

Last but not least is the barcode which is of tremendous significance whenever a shipment is going between two destinations.

If the barcode is damaged in any way, this might be a contributing factor in the inability of UPS to provide a live tracking update. This will eventually influence the Follow My Delivery to not begin presenting its shipment and delivery methods.

Reason 6: Their information is not updated yet

UPS maintains a database of more than 127 million addresses suitable for postal delivery and adds more every day.

New development or building may not have yet been included in the database, so check to see whether your house is included. You will continue to see Follow My Delivery option not displaying until they add your address.

UPS Follow My Delivery Not Working: What To Do?

Now you know the majority of causes for this mistake in your app, so you can breathe a sigh of relief even if it takes longer than the expected delivery date. However, you may take specific precautions after understanding this situation.

Before you read through them, we will urge you to wait for a few hours following the expected arrival date.

It’s possible the package will arrive even if your follow my delivery option doesn’t have live tracking accessible. Keep in mind that not all UPS app users have this feature, and they will still get their packages on time!

Method 1: Wait it out

Please be patient if your package has not yet begun sorting or has not yet been picked up.

However, if your shipment was not scanned by their office by accident, then wait for a communication from them to advise you on the same.

They take a maximum of 14 hours for this stage so watch your clocks. There is literally no other option in this situation. If nothing has changed, have a look at the alternatives listed below.

Contacting UPS customer service might be the final option however we suggest you attempt the following techniques prior.

Method 2: Speak with the driver

Adverse weather conditions like a malfunctioning delivery truck or any risk of catastrophes along the road could be an issue. Calling the driver in this case is the best alternative.

Their UPS numbers would display on your app to reach them immediately. Contact assistance if you fear anything unfavorable may have occurred in case of severe weather difficulties.

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Method 3: Call your local post office

If there are any issues with the scanning of your barcode, then your shipment will have difficulty becoming recognized on your live tracking. Cross-country deliveries are infamous for having these issues.

If you haven’t heard back from them, you should consult your local post office. Explain that you cannot see your delivery and ask them to tell you whether they have received any information for your package.

This can enable you to understand who to address the matter with, i.e., UPS postal service customer support or the post office for further resolution.

Method 4: Physically add your address to UPS database

If you still are not able to use the ‘follow my delivery’ option, it can be because the UPS automated system cannot detect your address in the database.

You would need to plan a visit to the local post office. When you arrive, you will be asked to fill out a form containing information about your property, including the address.

They may then manually input it into the UPS address management system. Your future deliveries will not be affected by this again!

Method 5: Put on a camera for your porch

Although it might seem costly, this might prove to be an advantageous solution in this particular case.

Cameras on your porch mean you may watch the camera video at any moment. This could help you to decide whether the UPS tried delivery and you missed them.

After then, getting in touch with the driver or UPS customer service should be a cinch since they already know where you are.

Lastly, if that doesn’t work you may contact UPS’s customer service staff.

Complain about their failure to honor the terms of your membership and deliver your product on time. On the other hand, if it fails to do so, they will ask for some additional information about the shipment and assist you to discover it on your app.


1. What is the cost of shipping a package?

Shipping costs vary depending on the origin, destination, service, package weight, and other factors.

Calculating the time and cost enables you to compare delivery times and published prices for delivering UPS goods.

2. How long does UPS take to update its Follow My Delivery feature?

UPS is normally quite rapid in giving its live tracking information. This is normally done after scanning the barcodes, which are often included with the labels of the delivery.

However, if there is any type of inaccuracy in the scanning of the shipment, it might postpone the updating on its live map.

If you want assistance, in this case, UPS customer care is always accessible.

3. I’ve been following up on my shipment, but it doesn’t appear to be moving. Why?

Your shipment is still in the UPS network and, unless otherwise noted, should arrive on the scheduled delivery date.

The shipment movement information is collected when the UPS delivery system scansa tracking label. Shipping across the nation or between countries may need more than one scan.

To Sum Up

We hope this post helps you learn a lot about the UPS track my delivery option. We’ve done our best to make this transparent for My Choice customers.

This includes coping with delivery and scanning mistakes that cause the live tracking information to be delayed.

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